10 Reasons Patti Smith Has Still Got It

May 6th, 2013

I had the opportunity tonight to see Patti Smith, the Godmother of Punk herself, at the Vic Theatre in Chicago tonight (May 6, 2013) and she did not disappoint. She's definitely still got it. And here's ten reasons why:

1. She's got the coy and charming smile of a teenage girl.

2. She feeds off the love of the audience and gives it back just as sincerely.

3. She fucking swears a whole fucking lot. Seriously. Holy shit.

. A heckler shouted out that it was their birthday. So Patti Smith and her band sang "Happy Birthday" to the "Dear Unknown Interrupting Stranger." 

5. Since she was born on Chicago's north west side she told the story of her birth. (Which involves a snow storm, a 4 day steam bath, and Logan Square)

6.  She braided her own hair while singing at one point.

7. Her life affirming, philosophical rants. "Our enemies!?? What the fuck is an enemy!?! We're all human beings!"

8.  She made self deprecating comments about why she doesn't plug in her own guitar, "Because I can't. I'm afraid of being electrocuted. I don't even plug in my own toaster. I hire a cockney maid to do it..."

9. I didn't think she was gonna do "Rock 'n' Roll Nigger" but then BAM! SICK! an encore! (In the context of the song the word is used as a general term for outcasts, and is about taking pride in being rejected by mainstream society.)

10. By the end she was elated. "What's wrong with me? I'm HAPPY!"

Good night, Chicago!