Welcome to my brain. The management is not responsible for any lost values or minds.

This blog will (ideally) update several times a week. It's broken down into categories to make it easier to find the things that interest you and easier to circumvent the things that you don't give a shit about.

MUSINGS- This is where I vent, rant, rage, and pontificate. We'll explore the range of human emotions here. This will include thoughts on current events, philosophy, mankind's existential dilemma, funny things that happen during my day, satire, stand up bits in written form, and who knows what else.

MUSIC- I'm a music junky. I often go out of my way to find new or obscure bands. The best part about listening to bands most people haven't heard of is that shows are cheap and far more intimate. I'll take a $15 show in a small to mid level venue over $90 for the nosebleeds at All State Arena any day. Check here for recommendations, reviews, and music history.

MOVIES and TV- I've lumped them together.  I will talk about movies and TV I enjoy. Past and present. This will likely be the one I update least. Since I don't have much time for movies or TV these days.

MICROFICTION- I'll try to consistently post short stories here. Usually of the micro or flash fiction variety. Or maybe I'm just saying that to keep the alliteration. I'm clever that way. :P Although, it may wind up including links to sites where I get published, as a lot of them don't allow work previously published on the author's site.