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Kyle Decker

Author of Cannon Fodder (or The Secret Lives of Henchmen).  Kyle is a graduate of Drake University in Des Moines, IA where he majored in writing. He lived in Daegu, South Korea where he worked as an English teacher, a writer, DIY concert promoter, headed the local chapter of Liberty in North Korea and fronted the punk band Food for Worms. He currently lives in Chicago, IL where he works as a Special Education Classroom Assistant and is pursuing a Masters in Special Education at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

He is a frequent contributor to bROKe in KoreaAngle Magazine, and The Daegu Compass.



Cannon Fodder (or the Secret Lives of Henchmen) is a parody of James Bond novels told from the point of view of the villain's henchmen. At least that's the premise taken by this scathing satire of corporate culture. Sure, they may be evil minions, but it's only because the megalomanic bent on world domination has a really good health insurance policy. They also deal with staff meetings, Human Resources, professional development seminars, meaningless jargon, and the review board. Cannon Fodder explores the idea that everyone has a story to tell (even the guy with five seconds of screen time before he's killed by the protagonist), and at some point we sacrifice who we are for a paycheck with a competitive benefits package. 

"It quickly defies expectations, while also conforming perfectly to them." - bROKe in Korea

"Right on target." - Amazon review

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